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Intershefa was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with vast experience importing and distributing wine, spirits, and foods, as well as hospitality and customer service. As part of creating a local wine culture, we place great importance on importing the best wine brands to Israel, telling the story behind each bottle, making these wines accessible, and talking about wine at eye level. 

Our portfolio contains classic wines, famous winemakers, and new and exciting world trends. Each bottle is carefully selected by a team of experts that aims to present a wide variety of wines and uncompromised quality.

Diversity and inclusivity are our core values, as are our genuine care for the environment in every possible aspect.

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Ownership of a retail wine store chain


Import and distribution of the wine in the wholesale market and strong work connections with the best Israeli restaurants


Professional, uncompromising customer service that passes on the knowledge to our employees and customers


Profound knowledge of international wine trends and their adaptation to the local market


To lead a diverse and trendy wine and alcohol culture through collaborations and involvement in the local wine industry, creating an accessible intellectual dialog that inspires curiosity.
To start a fascinating conversation, we, as wine importers, feel a great responsibility to present a diversified portfolio that includes both familiar brands and classics of the world of wine alongside wines that embody the new spirit and emerging trends.
For us, it is of the utmost importance that we embrace a broad cultural discourse that incorporates major segments of Israeli society regardless of race, religion, or gender.


  • Years of experience in global importing and distributing wine enables us to deeply understand local and international industry trends.

  • Well-calibrated set-up system that specializes in importing large quantities of wine

  • Willingness and ability to make wine accessible while talking to a wide range of customers at eye level.

  • Business connections with the best Israeli restaurants and wine bars.

  • Strong and fruitful connections with the leading figures in the Israeli wine world.

  • A retail wine store chain in various locations across Israel.

  • Commitment to excellence in both wine selection and accessibility of wine culture to all our clients.



We strongly believe that a fruitful collaboration between wine experts and an ongoing discussion and business involvement of all local industry representatives is crucial for developing Israeli wine culture. It is our understanding that to build a solid base for the creation of the finest culture of wine and alcohol consumption, we need to do the following: expose a broad and diverse audience to new knowledge, make various wine types and styles accessible, and provide tools to enjoy wine responsibly.

To achieve that goal, we have founded Deli Vino, a chain of wine stores that stands out among local businesses. Every Deli Vino store offers a wide variety of wine from Israel and the world, complementing products of the best quality and professional recommendations by our highly knowledgeable sommeliers.

Deli Vino Centres are bustling wine bars and multidisciplinary culture centers that connect people with wine through musical evenings, lectures led by winemakers and other leading figures of the wine world, tastings, and professional wine workshops.

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